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Sunglasses, outerwear and accessories designed to

complement every active lifestyle.

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I use Immune Support, LCR & Keep Cool

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My favorites are Exceed 6 Way, Calmex V, Matrix 5 HA and GastroPlex

Easy Care Boots: I use these for Hauling & Stalling!

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These have helped 2 of my broodmares stay more comfortable in the spring when their excess pregnancy weight has caused soreness.

RX Boots

The rubber sole has nice "squish" to help absorb shock and provide comfort.

Retail: $180 pr


Walz Price:

$140 pr

EASY Boot Stratus

The new Easyboot Stratus is a premium therapeutic hoof boot system designed to give comfort and support to horses with thin soles, abscesses, founder, laminitic stages, stresses of shipping, recovery after workouts or stalling on hard surfaces.


Retail: $250 pr


Walz Price:

$220 pr


Use for riding or when a barefoot horse needs protection for their sole. Padding can be added to make this usable for hauling or stalling.


Retail: $130 pr


Walz Price:

$120 pr

Easy Cloud Boots

For treating aggressive ailments where comfort and stabilization are needed.  Trailering for long distances. Post work-out boot. Stabling on hard surfaces.

Retail: $206 pr


Walz Price:

$180 pr

EASY Boot Stratus

Replacement Pads

TheraPad system that allows each pad to be custom tailored to the horse and conditions. The adjustable TheraPad can be used without the TheraRods or the TheraRods can be inserted into the pad to provide more or firmer padding. The three densities of rods provide numerous possibilities.


Retail: $52 pr


Walz Price:

$45 pr

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WALZ to receive a 10% discount!

I use Immune Support, LCR & Keep Cool


Purina Horse Nutrition Makes a Difference You Can See

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Interchangeable Straps Make Changing Your Look Simple & Affordable!

Plus when your velcro wears out, simply replace it instead of the entire bell boot!


I was tired buying new boots when the velcro on my old boots lost its grip! In mud or wet sand the velcro on regular boots won't stick after one run. These boots have strong velcro which holds up even in wet conditions. But it is nice to know that if needed I can just grab my extra velcro and I'm ready to go! Also, on the occasion when a horse does overreach, many times it is the velcro that rips off of the "regular style" bell boots which makes them unusable.  But with this new style of boot, if something does happen during a run that causes a velcro strap to rip, it is quickly, easily and affordably fixed! ~Sonya


I started using the SPORT BOOTS in January 2011.  They hold up exceptionally well, the velcro stays strong and I absolutely love them!  They are easy to put on and they fit exceptionally well.  I used to use Professionals Choice Elites, but now these are in my tack room.  The suspensory strap has nice stretch for support & the top and bottom fit snug to keep dirt out!  Buy the standard colors, have me dye a specific color for you, or purchase whites and do your own dyeing


Durable Ballistic with Heavy Velcro

Replacement Strap



White, Black, Denim Blue

All the great features of a polo but with 2 exceptional bonus's.

RES Polo Wraps Velcro is Replaceable! When the Velcro goes bad you can replace it in seconds. Also the RES Polo Wrap has a label on the inside of the wrap instead of the outside for a clean sleek look. There is no need for electrical tape anymore, your velcro will always be in good shape!

FLY MASK : currently unavailable because they are redesigning it!!!

2 Replaceable Velcro closures (on top behind ears & under chin.  Plus, the strap under the chin has elastic which makes it easier to get a nice, COMFORTABLE fit for your horse! Easily adjustable and simple to replace the closure when dirty.


If you would like to order RES for awards we can work out a deal!  You can even sell additional boots and velcro at your event for some more income for your association! Straps can be customized with your association or event information!

Horn Wrap:

Comes with 2 velcro straps... order a different velcro color for each steer to identify them!


  Fly Apparel, Winter Blankets, Haircare, Luggage...  

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